Marathoners and Half Marathoners: You will NOT be allowed to park in the Half Day Preserve. You MUST park at our remote parking lot at:

ZF Services LLC
777 Hickory Hills Dr
Vernon Hills, IL 60061


There will be shuttle buses starting at 6:30 am. Allow 15 min for the shuttle (it is a 1.2 mile walk to the starting line - there will be signs posted if you choose to walk). The last shuttle will return to the lot at 4:00 pm,

50 Milers and Volunteers: You WILL be permitted to park in the Half Day Forest Preserve. Go to Shelter A. You will be emailed a PARKING PASS which must be displayed to enter the lot. The police will strictly enforce this! YOU WILL ONLY BE ADMITTED TO THE LOT IF YOU HAVE A PARKING PASS! Parking passes will be emailed after registration closes on October 10, 2021.